Proud Mary Coffee - Panama | Bambito | Geisha | Washed | Filter | 100g

  • Filter
  • Washed
  • Alberto Sitton Rois
  • Panama
  • Single Origin

Region: Boquete

Elevation: 1700 - 2300 masl

Variety: Geisha

Process: Washed

Notes: Jasmine, Earl Grey tea, milk chocolate

About: Bambito Estate is located in the clouds of Volcan Baru, the farm is exposed to two microclimates; lots of rain and sunshine, which is ideal for healthy coffee production. The Sittón family has had an amazing start to the year, placing 5th in the Best of Panama competition Traditional Washed Category; scoring a whopping 93 points! We’re lucky enough to have known Alberto, and his family, since our first trip to Panama back in 2010. Back then, they weren’t producing enough Geisha to sell, but we knew they had something special happening. We’ve been buying Geisha from Bambito Estate since 2013, and it’s been one of our favourites every year since. We are thrilled to see the Sittón family add ‘Best of Panama’ to their list of awards!