Honduras | Javier Fernandez | Bourbon | Dbl. Anaerobic Honey | Filter | 200g


Region: Las Flores, Santa Barbara 

Elevation: 1500 – 1580 masl 

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Dbl. Anaerobic Honey

Notes: Peach, floral, cherry, & lactic

About: Javier Fernandez is one-half of the formidable Fernandez bros duo from Santa Barbara in Honduras. Javier dropped this new process- ing method in 2019; fermented in whole cherry for 96 hours, fermented again in pulp for 96 hours, and lastly dried as a honey. Ohh yes! This processing method placed him 5th in the Project Origin Late Harvest Auction in 2019. A superrr creamy mouthfeel with stone fruit flavours. Is that dessert in your cup? YUM!