• Brazil | Terra Limpida | Yellow Catucai | Natural | Espresso | 250g - Proud Mary Coffee Melbourne

Proud Mary Coffee - Brazil | Terra Limpida | Yellow Catucai | Natural | Espresso | 250g

  • Espresso
  • Natural
  • Piero Alberti
  • Brazil
  • Single Origin

Producer: Piero Alberti

Region: Cassia dos Coqueiros

Elevation: 1000 masl

Varietal: Yellow Catucai

Process: Natural

Notes: Milk chocolate, apricot, & panela

About: ‘A real farmer understands that their farm is a unique living organism, of which they themselves are a part’. This is how producer Piero Alberti describes his relationship with his farm. His story begins with starting an organic farm in Tuscany, Italy, which he still has today. It was by fortune that he ended up buying Finca Terra Limpida in the region of Cassia dos Coqueiros, Brazil. Piero’s vision is to make or- ganic produce accessible to everyone and to empower his community. Apart from coffee he produces grain, wine, and cheese, all of which he sells locally. Piero’s operation is 100% certified organic and he utilises biodynamic principles. This coffee encapsulates what Proud Mary strives for through our café and coffee program.