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Proud Mary Coffee - Brazil | Sitio Morro Alto | Yellow Bourbon | Pulped Natural | Filter | 100g

  • Filter
  • Pulped Natural
  • Luciano Ribeiro Cordeiro
  • Brazil
  • Single Origin

Region: Montanhas do Espirito Santo

Elevation:  960 masl

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Notes: Blackberry, red berries, citrus, & crisp

About: Welcome to the region of Caparao. Located on the boarder of the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo in Brazil.

February 2019 initiated a huge change. BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association) initiated an auction format showcasing some extremely unique coffees from the Caparao region. Buyers and coffee producers were all located in the one place to create instant connection and relationships. Hugs and smiles graced the room. Coffees were auctioned LIVE and payed for INSTANTLY on the spot. this means money goes right back to the producer. Awesome! The complexity and diversity of flavours from Caparao region blew our minds!

Proud Mary secured Luciano Cordeiro; a very unique coffee profile, reminiscent of East African coffee. Blackberry, red berries, citrus, and a crisp finish. This profile defies what you think of Brazil! To top it off, it was the only coffee in the auction that is certified organic. Producing coffee of this extreme quality with no agro-chemicals is a huge feat. We applaud Luciano for his efforts. Proud Mary is now connected with an amazingly motivated producer and we look forward to many more successful years together. Obrigado Lucinao!