Proud Mary Coffee - Specialty Instant Coffee | WILD | Girma Bekele


Region: Kochere, Yirgachefe

Elevation:  1800 - 2100 masl

Variety: Heirloom (Walisho, Dega, & Kurume)

Process: Natural

Notes: Brown sugar, jasmine, melon, berries, & syrupy

About: This is a really good Ethiopian Coffee.  We decided to make it an insanely good Instant Coffee.

Girma Bekele is a motivated coffee producer. He is one of the few in his area who pre-float their coffee cherries ensuring that only the ripest and sweetest ones end up in your final cup. This specific lot is a blend of the Walisho, Dega, and Kurume varieties, selected specifically by Girma for their productivity and superior cup quality. Due to the Ethiopian government changing laws around who can export coffee this is the first year we have been able to buy a fully traceable lot from a small-holder producer. It is very exciting to be able to directly support passionate producers, like Girma, who go above and beyond.

In The Box: 5 single servings of Ethiopian Girma Bekele Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee by Voilà

The partnership between Proud Mary Coffee and Voilà all started with a specific coffee. “When we first discovered Voilà, we decided to put it through the paces and turn a Panama Geisha, one of the most expensive, rare coffees on the planet into instant and see what happens.  ‘We wondered, would it still taste good?’ Turns out it does and the results blew us away. Long flights to and from Australia will never be the same" Nolan Hirte, Proud Mary Coffee Founder & Owner.