Bundle - AeroPress + Coffee!

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AeroPress + Coffee  

Want to start making coffee at home or at work? BOOM! Start with this simple and perfect setup. No need to worry about scales or grinders for now. We're hooking you up with fresh coffee, ground at the perfect size and a complete AeroPress set which has a measuring scoop. C'mon coffee can't get much easier than this. 

This is what you get

- AeroPress Coffee Maker

- Super fresh PMC Filter Coffee (Let us know if you need it ground)

How to brew! - (check the 4th picture for brew guide) 

Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 12.5 grams (3/4 AeroPress scoop) 
Water: 200g (to the top) 
Brew time: 3.30 min 

Step 1 

Place filter paper into AeroPress Lid and secure onto chamber then soak the paper with hot water. Remove lid. Connect the 2-AeroPress pieces together then place upside down (numbers should read upside down) 

Step 2

Grind coffee or if already ground weigh out approx 12-13g (3/4 scoop) into AeroPress

Step 3

Pour boiling water within 10 seconds to reach 200g and then agitate aggressively. Place lid on AeroPress and start your timer. 

Step 4

At 3.00 minutes, carefully flip the AeroPress and place on top of your mug. Gently plunge down. This should take around 20 seconds. Stop plunging when you hear a hissing sound. 

BOOM! You're done. Pop your coffee grounds into the compost, give the AeroPress a rinse in the sink and enjoy your brew! 

Tip* When you've mastered this recipe check out the link below for some world winning, advanced recipes!