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We understand that people keen to enter the coffee industry are often uncertain about what is the best solution to do so. We're here to help! Boot Camp is a two-day intensive program designed to get you stepping up to the coffee machine with confidence. 

During this program, we pair classroom, hands-on activities and group work allowing you to try, test and apply the skills to work as a Barista in specialty coffee. All training is delivered to best practice standards - matching what you'll commonly see in the workplace. 

This isn't your typical barista course - this is all about you! We ensure that each student's personal learning goals are discussed and courses are tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Dates are arranged according to your availability, to book simply enquire above and one of our team will be in touch to finalise your booking. Please note - Boot Camp does not run on weekends.

DAY 1:

  1. Discuss coffee's unique history and the impact of coffee origin, process, growing and farmer relationships.
  2. Explore the roasting process with a behind the scenes tour of the Proud Mary roastery.
  3. Identify ingredients and quantities that underpin a good house-blend recipe for espresso to achieve balance in strength and extraction.
  4. Set up the coffee machine to a recipe and achieve even extraction and balance in the cup.
  5. Review how different milk components affect milk texturing. 
  6. Break the milk-texturing process into 2-steps and achieve shiny, dense micro-foam; ideal for integrating with espresso.
  7. Integrate milk with crema to pour a finished product and develop an understanding and the practical steps involved to pour latte art.
  8. Learn the drinks menu and how to pour to best practice standards.

By the end of Day 1 you will be confident pouring delicious milk coffee's and understand the story behind your cup.

DAY 2:

  1. Learn how to prepare a V60 drip brewing method using a standard recipe.
  2. Test the important variables to manage when preparing Filter Coffee.
  3. Guided tasting to understand the impact of Coffee Origin, Varietal, Process and roast profile on the finished cup.
  4. Use an EK 43 Mahlkonig grinder.
  5. Understand TDS and Percentage extraction to write an espresso recipe for any coffee.
  6. Experiment and analyse different coffee extractions.
  7. Learn and practise the practical steps involved to pour latte art designs to World Latte Art (WLA) championship standards.
  8. Learn the value of and how to introduce a regular cleaning and maintenance regime.

By the end of Day 2, you will be able to pick up any bag of coffee and brew it to its full potential. As well, you will learn employable skills like latte art and filter coffee leaving you ready to thrive in the workplace.


Barista Boot Camp is a 2-day training course delivered by a CCC trainer, who will provide a hands-on approach where you can try, test and clarify all things coffee and the coffee industry. This class will be run in an adult learning environment, and we absolutely love your questions and input! Your trainer will also provide you with resources to take home and keep practising. We have your back 100% throughout your training and after. Mind-blowing coffee and water will be provided.


Bookings for Boot Camp are available upon request as we aim to facilitate dates that suit learners unique schedules. We welcome you to contact us if you wish to discuss this course or your own individual training needs further before booking. Private workshops are also available upon request.