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Collingwood Coffee College - Online - Level #2 Management & Leadership Program

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Level #2 Management & Leadership Program is a 6 x 2-hour session accelerating opportunity to stretch existing managers and leaders towards growth in performance, behaviour and mindset. The program challenges learners to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with new perspective motivating and inspiring them to achieve better results. 

Our program structure is 6-fortnightly sessions and delivered using zoom online conference (AEST) which means you can join the program from anywhere!

Level #2 program is best suited for Store Managers, Business Owners and anyone ready to extend their leadership skills and conduct. During each session we:

  • Challenge your management & leadership skills and enable a curious mindset
  • Arm you to elevate the performance of your team with practical tools and strategies.

Session 1. Leading a modern workforce

Learners will explore what authentic leadership is with research, everyday frameworks and thought-provoking discussions to prioritise high expectations and build relationships to lead a modern workforce.

Session 2. Team Dynamics & Managing Productivity

Exploring management and leadership skills, learners will unpack team dynamics and the role they play and identify strategies to improve productivity and foster a team culture to achieve better results.

Session 3. Communication & Influence

This module begins exploring our communication terms, managing barriers and exploring ones’ preferred communication style and the impact this has with others. We focus on developing the skills to give and gather effective communication.

Session 4. Leading Change with Strategic Planning

We often see innovative ways to build, create, streamline and potentially improve. To improve is the skill to implement change and this requires planning of a strategy, the structure and processes. During this session, we look at implementing and strategically lead to change.

Session 5. Managing & Driving Peak Performance

Managing and driving peak performance of your team we reflect on the human resources management structure and explore the Leaders role to motivate the team with training, coaching and facilitating deliberate actions to engage a team to operational alignment and business priorities.

Session 6. Knowing your numbers

During this module, we explore a basic budget and focus on the value of knowing your numbers so that you can take ownership of the role you have in your employment/business and how not knowing your numbers can have a negative impact financially and culturally.

To register into the program, we have two options:


This option includes:

~ Access to each session

~ Includes any presentations, surveys and activities

~ Certificate of Attendance


This option allows you to go beyond the sessions:

~ Access to each session

~ Includes any presentations, surveys and activities

~ Access to customised communication & project management board with further articles, videos, peer reviews

~ Entry to workplace health & safety learning

~ Activities and Assessments to validate your learning

~ Option for a personalised 1:1 Coaching session

~ Certificate of Training to prove your success 

~ Download and print your Certificate of Training anytime



Our Management and Leadership program is facilitated by our industry and education professional, Lisa Feeley. After attending Barista training and opening her own café in 1999, Lisa developed such a strong passion for coffee and training that before long she became a nationally qualified Trainer in Hospitality and moved to Sydney to work with Australia’s largest coffee chain. Passionate about exploring coffee and with encouragement from industry leaders, Lisa dived into the world of coffee and adult education achieving a Diploma in Training and Assessments. 

Joining Proud Mary Coffee Roasters in 2015, Lisa is the driving force behind Collingwood Coffee College, a community space centred on facilitating hospitality and leadership skills and knowledge with the intention to empower people with the education to be successful in their role and become life-long learners. Lisa has a string of coffee training and hospitality qualifications under her belt. Her recognised work in the training and leadership field successfully led to the recognition of a colloquium credit towards her Master of Leadership and a post-graduate certificate of education studies.


We have no minimum numbers for registration. Once you have registered, be assured that the program will go ahead. Register and pay in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select your course delivery option.
  2. Fill in your payment details.
  3. Fill in your personal details.