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Collingwood Coffee College - Filter Coffee Path 2

Barista’s and lovers of specialty coffee are becoming more and more interested in the science behind the brewing of filter coffee and how this science can play a role in getting the best result in the cup.

Filter Coffee Path 2 workshop is designed to further explore the core skills and equipment required to produce great filtered coffee. During this short course, we will test filter brewing recipes and methods with a variety of experiments exploring how to get the best flavour into your customers daily filter.

All levels of experience are welcome!

Together we will:

  1. Explore the important variables to manage when preparing to brew filter coffee.
  2. Introducing flavour into brewed coffee.
  3. Discussing 2 brewing conditions and how they result in different brew dynamics and the subsequent impact that influences strength and extraction.
  4. How to prepare a V60 drip brewing method using a standard recipe.
  5. Testing the important variables to manage when preparing filter coffee and analytically measuring the outcome of cup strength and extraction.


Delivered by a member of the Proud Mary Coffee Roasters training team who has collectively had success and experience with state and national coffee championships and is motivated by sensory and analytical measurement and putting systems in place to approach specialty coffee with simplicity! 

To ensure maximum time and attention per learner, CCC allocate 4-spaces per workshop and deliver regular sessions to provide flexibility for your schedule.