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Collingwood Coffee College - Filter Coffee Path 1

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Feel like you can't get the best results from your home brewing equipment?

Collingwood Coffee College is the education hub of Proud Mary Coffee Roasters and we are excited to offer Filter Coffee Path 1 workshop designed for home brewers. During this short course, we will use a V60 filter, the humble plunger, ideal for travel AeroPress & the best-looking drip-filter in the world, the Moccamaster. You will learn about the important factors to consider so that you can get specialty results when brewing filter coffee at home, at work or even on a plane! 

Keep the household caffeinated and join CCC.


Filter Coffee Path 1 is a 2-hour course delivered by a CCC trainer, who will provide a hands-on approach where you can try, test and clarify brewing coffee for home. Your trainer will also provide you with resources to take home and keep practising!


We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops, only a maximum of 4 spots per class to ensure time and attention can be given to all attending. Once you have registered, be assured that the workshop will go ahead.