Ethiopia | Guji | Heirloom | Natural | Espresso | 250g


Region: Guji

Elevation:  1850-2000 masl

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Notes: Wild berries, tropical fruits, & exotic florals

About: The Guji region is inhabited by the Oromo people, a tribe who have farmed coffee for generations. The Oromos’ coffee-origin story tells of their supreme sky god, Waqa, who punished one of his men to death, only after realising the man was innocent. The next morning Waqa visited the man’s burial place, stricken with grief he cried for what he had done. As his tears fell to the earth the first coffee plants emerged from the soil. Today, Guji’s fertile red soil is perfect for coffee cultivation. The highland slopes nurture countless heirloom varieties that are found nowhere else on earth.