Mahlkonig - EK 43


We don't think the EK 43 grinder needs an introduction, but we'll do it anyway. 

The absolute holy grail of coffee grinders, the Mahlkonig EK 43 has been a key feature on the bar at Proud Mary Coffee since the very early days. 

The EK 43 grinders have a very special place in our hearts and we've loved pushing them all (about 20 in the company) to the absolute limits over the years. We've modified them with dosing chambers, we've completely stripped them back and custom painted them and now we have EK's in custom freezers (well kinda) in Aunty Peg's and in PDX.  

PMC founder, Nolan Hirte has an EK-43 at home and so do a few of our regular customers so we thought why not for everyone? 

If you're thinking about buying one, honestly just do it! Our team at Aunty Peg's are here for you and can answer any question, no matter how simple or complex. Their knowledge of these grinders is scary... 


Groundbreaking Consistency — Massive 98mm flat stainless steel burrs deliver unmatched coffee particle consistency and uniformity.

Unrivaled Grinding Speed — Can produce 1200-1500 grams per minute.

Stepless Grind Setting Knob — Find the perfect grind size with the help of 12 size references.

Grinds For Every Brewer — Perfect for espresso, french press, and everything in-between.

Bag Clip — Gives you a free hand while you grind large amounts of coffee.

World Competition Approved — Used in a variety of coffee competitions around the world, including the World Brewers Competition.