Bundle - Do it Yourself Batchy!

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Do it yourself Batchy!  

Found yourself working from home and in need of a new way of getting that pre-work jolt before facing the day? This super simple and reliable bundle will have you brewing and drinking delicious filter coffee without having to leave your front door. You'll now be making seriously impressive batch brew style coffee that will rival most cafes around town. 

This is what you get:

- Clever Coffee Dripper aka the easiest and tastiest 4-minute brew you'll ever make

- Filtropra Clever Dripper Filter #4 (40pk) - Eco-treated filters from the Netherlands 

- Porlex Mini Hand Grinder II your compact, long-lasting (made in Japan), and hard-working best friend for freshly ground coffee 

- Our very own PMC Scales: the minimal, all you need scale for your weighing needs

Crazy easy, crazy price, all to keep you sane! 

How to brew! 

Ratio: 1:17 
Dose: 15 or 30 grams (1 or 2 coffees) 
Water: 250 or 500 grams (1 or 2 coffees)
Brew time: approx 3.45 / 4 minutes 

Step 1 

Line the Clever Dripper with a size 4 Filtropa Filters. In a burr grinder set to medium-coarse grind size, grind the coffee beans.

Step 2

Boil your kettle. Pour some hot water into the dripper, thoroughly soaking the filter paper. Set the dripper on top of a coffee cup (or big jar if making 2 cups) and allow the water to drain into the cup. Discard the water. 

Step 3

Take your Clever Dripper off your mug and put it on the scales and throw in your coffee. Start your timer and pour your just off boil water (98ish degree) in a circular motion. Fill it up to 250g (1 coffee) or 500g (2 coffees). 

Step 4

After 1 minute take the lid off. You’ll notice that a thick layer of grounds has formed on the surface of your brew. With the back of a spoon give it a push. We want all the grounds evenly submerged in the water. Place the lid over your Dripper again. 

Step 5 

Once your timer hits 3 minutes, place the Dripper over your cup to drain. This should take approximately 1 minute. We are aiming for a total brew time of 4 minutes.