C40 MKIII Nitro Blade Hand Grinder

$449.00 $499.00

Built for true coffee enthusiasts and speciality coffee connoisseurs, the C40 (MKIII) Nitro Blade is revolutionising the way we grind coffee by hand. A German made masterpiece, not only are the hand grinders aesthetically pleasing, they define the highest echelon of efficiency.

The burrs; made of high-alloyed, high nitrogen stainless steel, are a result of serious engineering, excellent craftsmanship and a wealth of experience. They are then cut with a tiny micro-blade on the tip of the burr Z-teeth, in order to make it razor sharp. They are tough, highly wear resistant, and have a high degree of edge retention. The result is exceptionally fine particle distribution for all grind grades, from coarse to espresso fine grounds. Minimal coffee dust, ultimate consistency.

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