Bundle - Fancy Frenchy On The Go!

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Fancy Frenchy On The Go! 

Need coffee on the go, but don't want to compromise on flavour and quality? Yeah, neither do we. This set up is the ultimate 'no mess, no fuss, all flavour' travel solution. A huge upgrade from the old faithful French Press, Espro has developed a sludge free filter and managed to fit it into a high quality, leak-proof and sexy thermos. Mind blown!  

This is what you get

- Espro Travel Press (black): on-the-go, no mess no fuss, delicious plunger style coffee

- Porlex Mini Hand Grinder: all you need to be freshly grinding your beans at home or on the road for years to come

- Our very own PMC Coffee Scale: these simple but rad scales are all you'll ever need

The best and easiest way to make coffee on road trips, on the plane, at the park or even your desk! 

How to brew! 

Ratio: 1:17 
Dose: 15 g
Water: 250 g (or to the top) 
Brew time: 4 minutes 

Step 1 

Alright, this is an easy one. Tip in your 15g of coarse (like sand) coffee into the travel press. 

Step 2

Start your timer and pour in boiling water (or there abouts) into the travel press. It should be about 250g or just above the max coffee line that's marked. Give it a quick stir for about 5 seconds, then leave to brew with the lid off. 

Step 3

At 4 minutes get the lid with the press attachment and slowly press down (should take about 5-10 second). To drink simply pour into your cup or if you're on the go just take a sip whenever you need. Once you're done empty the grounds into you to compost and give it a good clean. Easy! 

Tip* - we recommend placing a paper filter in between both mesh filters for a cleaner taste. Either use the ones provided or just cut up some v60 paper filters. It's worth the extra effort!