Lunar Coffee Scales


Designed for espresso machine drip trays, the Acaia Lunar™ is aesthetically functional for your weighing needs. The espresso scale is built with anodized aluminum. Its electronic parts inside and the LCD display are fortified with a water-resistant spray to prevent water damage.

With an ultra-fast response time and high accuracy, you'll be able to track consistency across all of your espresso shots. 

Accessories that are sold separately include the Lunar Weighing Plate, Lunar Base, and the Lunar Carrying Case. One heat pad and one 100 g calibration weight comes with each Lunar. The Lunar also includes a 2-year limited manufacturers warranty, which includes water damage.

  • 20 Millisecond Response Time – Know how much espresso is in the cup immediately without delay.
  • Reads Every 0.1 Gram – This scale can read when water evaporates. You know that’s awesome.
  • Embedded Stopwatch – No need to glance at your phone or an additional timer.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Don’t like going to the store to buy batteries? No problem.
  • Auto Power Options – Customize the auto-off setting in the app.
  • Water-Resistant – Never kill another scale again by spilling water or espresso on it.
  • Micro Design – Small enough to fit on any espresso machine’s drip tray or in any travel bag.
  • Supporting Apps – Adjust settings, learn about your brew, and share your recipes with the Acaia apps.
  • Firmware Supported - The scale receives periodic firmware updates, which are available through our free Lunar Updater app.


  • Weighing Only Mode - Your daily weighing function
  • Dual Display Mode - Timer and weight dual display
  • Timer Starts with Flow Mode - Timer starts when espresso flow detected
  • Auto-Tare Timer Starts with Flow Mode - Timer begins when the first drops of espresso hit the cup
  • Auto-Tare Auto-Start Timer Mode - Timer begins when an item is placed on the scale.
  • Auto-Tare Mode - Automatically tares item weight for quicker measurements