Eat & Drink


Cafe opening hours

 7am - 4pm weekdays

8am - 4pm weekends

Bookings: Monday-Friday only (maximum of 12 people), no bookings Saturday and Sunday.

Kitchen closes at 3pm

At Proud Mary, we pride ourselves on our quality products and being able to deliver what we think are all the good things in life! All day breakfast, hearty lunches, fresh juices, smoothies, single estate teas, homemade cakes and of course bad ass coffee!



 All Day Breakfast

Toast  6
jam / vegemite / peanut butter / honey

Fig & Apricot Toast  8.5 
citrus mascarpone

'Free-range Eggs' on toast 9.5
poached, scrambled or fried

Melon & Strawberry Salad 12
fresh and freeze dried strawberry, rockmelon, watermelon,
yoghurt and macadamia *

Rice Pudding 13
mango, passionfruit, pistachio, honeycomb *

Bircher Muesli 13
orange labna, green apple, figs, sugared almonds, chia *

Ricotta Hotcake 16
maple, banana, blueberries, coconut ice cream

Avocado 18
house chilli ricotta, quinoa tabouleh, seed & sprout toast *

Pea & Feta Fritter  18.5
dukkah, zucchini salad, poached egg *

Cotechino 17 
pork sausage, grilled leeks, lentils, poached egg, zeally bay sourdough 

Ox Tongue 16.5
smoked almonds, peppers, amaranth, poached egg and sourdough *

Grilled Sardines  16.5
thick gazpacho, fennel & herb salad, zeally bay sourdough

Potato Hash 19
charred kale, double smoked bacon, organic poached egg, bagna cauda **

Grain Salad  17

freekah, barberries, quinoa, kale beetroot, sumac yoghurt, honeyed seeds

Lamb Ribs 20
cabbage, caraway, mint, tahini yoghurt

Pork Belly Sandwich  16
smoked paprika relish, aioli, watercress


bagna cauda / spicy ketchup 1.5
gluten free 2.5
roast tomato / spinach / kale / extra egg 3
bacon / butter thyme mushroom / avocado / feta 4.5
hash / extra scrambled / smoked salmon / cotechino 5

    contains nuts, or traces of (in bread)  
** traditional Italian sauce of anchovies, garlic & cream


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